Truth About Opposite Sex Intimate Medical Care

A majority of Christians and non-Christians believe in situational ethics. But God has always been the God of moral absolutes.
The Bible makes clear that ever since the fall of man, nudity was meant to be associated with sexuality and the only allowable nakedness between a man and a woman is husband and wife. God has same moral standards for everyone. Medical professionals are not exempt.

Please check out our article, Are Male Gynecologists Biblical? This is an article that mainly focuses on male medical professionals (not just gynecologists) examining private parts of women.

We also wanted to address the issue of female nurses / doctors examining private parts of male patients.

There is also no evidence that God allowed women to touch and see genitals of sexually mature men they are not married to in the bible. Many godly Christian women especially doctors or nurses who are definitely not sexually immoral or who have had their acts of sex outside of marriage forgiven, have been deceived by the world and nursing & medical schools that non-sexual touching of the genitals of a man to whom they are not married to is okay. There was no evidence of intimate exams performed on men by women in the Bible. Also, urinary catheters did not exist in the Bible. At a number of hospitals over 30 years ago, female nurses were actually not allowed to do intimate procedures on male patients. Male orderlies and male doctors did intimate procedures such as urinary catheterizations on men according to the 2nd paragraph in “Patient Gender Preferences in Healthcare” by Dr. Joel Sherman.

Also check out this article, Modesty and Your Physician in Truth Magazine that was published in August 1974. It is interesting that the author assumes that a male patient would certainly not be intimately examined by a female. In that era men were examined by men with no females present and hospital care of an intimate nature was done exclusively by male orderlies. It’s different today because it is very common for female nurses to do intimate care on male patients. A lot of things have changed in the past 40 years. Check out the below video.


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