Arguments and Rebuttals

Here are several arguments some Christians have used to justify that medical professionals are exempt from God's moral standards and/or that modesty in medical settings does not matter. Click on the link to see full details of the arguments and rebuttals.

Debate With Woman of a Ministry that Deals With Christian Ethics - This lady used a lot of ridiculous arguments to justify that male gynecologists are biblical. She shared that she believed that men's brains were designed in a way that allows them to compartmentalize, concentrating on only one thing at a time.

Methodist Pastor's Thoughts On Nude Baptism and Medical Modesty - A methodist pastor argued that discomfort with nakedness is more of a personal and cultural issue than a religious one and that in many early Christian communities, converts were even stripped naked for baptism.

Christian Doctors's Argument - A retired husband and wife who were internal medicine doctor and gynecologist who argued that modesty in medical settings is not a moral issue. Note: We support Answers in Genesis completely. This article was the only one we found on Answers in Genesis' web site that we did not support because it was misguided. Answers in Genesis has many excellent articles that we support.


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